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01.VI.2006 15:42
Sorry for the lack of updates everyone - a lot was going on, I went to Boston, auditioned for Jeopardy!, had exams, still have problems with the UW administration, and my dad came, bought a house, and made me help him move and I'm also at work so my life was basically on hold for all that time. However all that's done now so I should be able to start updating again - and keeping the server actually running. Apologies everyone! Come baaack!
13.IV.2006 21:38
Okay, the site's being updated again, serious this time! I'll try to update about once a week over the summer, maybe a little more frequently in the coming couple weeks cause I've topics in mind. But seriously, it'll be more frequent, I promise!
14.II.2006 23:51
Sorry about the lack of updates, but I'm in midterm/essay season and you know how that goes. I've got reading week next week though, and updates should be numerous as I convert the semi-essays from my film course into actual entries. Won't be much until then though.
01.II.2006 16:48
I've finally managed to port over most of the old entries from my old LJ, and added some site features, like the sections and other navigation links on the right, as well as XHTML compliance etc. I've also changed the format of the permalinks, which you're not supposed to do, but I doubt anyone cares. Hopefully the compliance will make things render better on Safari etc.
Site back up! 26.I.2006 23:26
My apologies, but our internet service got so bad with Bell that I just couldn't keep the site up - we'd get disconnected so often that the IP didn't have time to propagate before it became obsolete. Anyway, we switched to Primus and everything works now, so updates will resume shortly!